Showing up

Being a mother with a business is a bit of a juggle.  So this week my husband is away and has been very ill, my dog needed to go to the vet with an infected tick bite and has been needing extra care and today my daughter was off school with a temperature.

I could cling on to the plans that I had, the huge strides I was going to make in my business. I could feel really frustrated at what I didn’t get done today, or I could look at what I did.

Don’t criticise yourself for what you don’t do, notice what you do.

I could say, I won’t blog because it won’t be perfect. I won’t have time to pick out the perfect picture. They’ll know that it doesn’t always go to plan. They’ll know I’m not perfect. I’m hoping you knew that about me already.

The thing is, with being a mum, it doesn’t always go to plan.

I’m guessing you’ve noticed this.

So here I am showing up, imperfect and rushed and tired after a long week of caring and being there for my little family. I know you’ve been doing some of that too.

I’m asking you to be proud of what you’ve done. I’m asking you to acknowledge yourself for the moments when you were doing your best, even though you were tired and would rather have been at the hairdressers with a glossy magazine, than wiping noses and recording doses of medication given.

You are UTTERLY brilliant and although in their innocence your children may forget to thank you, that doesn’t change how fantastic you are.

My dog’s coat is glossy with all the brushing and he’s got a waggy tail. My little one is curled up on the sofa with an after normal bedtime ‘Charlie and Lola’. The roses on the table are still holding up and there’s no washing up to be done. The ironing can wait.

When you tell yourself that you didn’t get anything done in your work because you were looking after your children, instead remember what you did get done.

You showed up for those you loved.