Silver linings

Failure is a value

They say every cloud has a silver lining and that is true with some things. Others may feel too painful to ever have a silver lining.

But where you can, when your life weather is not as great as you would hope, it is worth looking for the reframe.

If you find yourself facing or experiencing failure, ask yourself:

What good can come of this?
What has this taught me?
What can this enable me to teach others?
What mistakes will this enable me to avoid in the future?
What is brilliant about this? (yup, I know this can be a challenging one)
What is this here to point the way to?
Who did I meet because this went wrong?
Is it possible that I will look back and see this as a key point on my road to all I hoped for?
If it wasn’t about my value, what else would this have to teach me? (it’s never about your value)

Then when you have figured out where the tiniest glimmer of light might be in that dark cloud it might be time to rest, or it might be time to get back to doing what you are here to do.

You get to choose.