So who’s been procrastinating?

Eerm, well that would be me. Yes, all the business things I’ve been reading have been talking about the importance of posting regularly. Yes, I fully understand that means putting it in the calendar. But have I? NOPE

You see, I had this idea that one day my website would be so perfect and put together and THEN I would start blogging on it. What I’m realising is that my blog is going to be a work in progress for a while. I think it’s going to be more messy play than Mona Lisa.

The need to do things perfectly is something that holds a lot of us back and so we procrastinate. Instead the temptation is to look at other people’s website and lives and compare our own to them. We usually don’t come up so well. I relocate with my partner’s job and I used to think that was the thing that was holding me back from doing what I wanted with my life. Now I realise that it was because this was my story about the situation. I had got so caught up in the belief that I was following him and his career around, rather than making my own choices about how I wanted to be spending my life.

What if things are a bit imperfect around the edges? What if a new job for your husband means yet another move? Are you seriously going to let you hold that back from doing what you really want to do?

You might not be able to live your new life in full colour straight away, but what about if you picked up the paint brush and started to experiment with a bit of colour in your life.

If my excuse about being held back by my partner’s job was a load of taradiddle ( note to self – put away the thesaurus!), what would I do with this one life of mine?

I’m off to put my posting schedule on googlecal, care to join me?

Speak soon,