Student/Academic Coaching

Hi there,

You’re on the right page if:

you’re currently working towards a place at university.

you’re at university either as an undergrad or postgrad.

you’re a new graduate ready to transition towards your right work.

you work as a teacher or as an academic.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve always been a high achiever.

You’re feeling under quite a lot of pressure. Some of it is created by the academic environment, some of it is self-created and some of it feels like peer pressure. You are in the ‘bubble’ of school, college or university life and feeling a bit trapped in it.

You’re not looking after yourself as well as you’d like to and you are finding it hard to balance your studies/work with all the other things that make student/academic life fun.

You really want to make the most of your time at school/university both academically and from a personal viewpoint and you want it to give you the best opportunities when you later move on to life beyond university.

You might also need help in figuring out what you want your future work life to look like as you realise that leaving big decisions to the last minute isn’t a great plan in the same way that leaving an essay/paper to the last minute doesn’t always feel great.

At the moment you’re finding it difficult to feel the levels of confidence you are used to feeling and you’re not sure how to prioritise your workload. Somehow things are not seeming so easy as you hoped they’d be. Sometimes you work too hard and other times you slack off and nothing gets done.

You feel that you don’t want the rest of your time at school/uni to feel this way. You want to be able to balance school/uni life and look after yourself better so you can perform at your potential during the time you are there.

You know that it’s worth reaching out for help as otherwise, things are just going to stay the way they are.

I’m Deborah Chalk and I’m a Martha Beck Certified Coach and a trained career coach. I’m also a fully qualified and experienced teacher.

Coaching for Students, Teachers and Academics.

6 coaching sessions of 60 minutes in length over the three months.

2 optional check-in calls with you and your parent on the call with me (30 minutes each) or 2 additional coaching calls of 45 minutes. (for under 18s parent is on all calls)

A reasonable amount of email coaching in between sessions.


Life work to complete between sessions.

Recommended resources.

360 degree study life / grad life questionnaire.

Investment for The Student Sessions is £1200.

Your Next Step – Book your free discovery session.

I’m really looking forward to speaking with you but first please make sure that you qualify for one of these sessions:

1)  You must feel ready and able to commit fully to the coaching and to do the practical and inner work associated with it.

2)  You are looking for a coach/mentor to help you now and you are ready and able to invest in yourself, either on your own or with parental help.

3) You are considering investing in a coaching package with me.

If all three of these are true of you then please email me at to set up a session and tell me why you are thinking of working with me at the moment and what you need help with.

Please note that if you are under 18 then a parent will need to be with you on each call and the calls will be like shared workshops with parent and young adult both taking a full part.

‘When I first was considering coaching with Deborah, I was unsure how it would work, and in particular how it would work as a mother and daughter team. What I found was that coaching with Deborah was incredibly beneficial and the process of it is so interesting. We built such a good working relationship.

Deborah has a lovely generous confident spirit that’s suited to working with young people. We now have processes to think on and strategies to help us deal with life’s challenges. I would absolutely recommend working with Deborah, as her coaching is very effective. I am so grateful to Deborah for helping my daughter through coaching and can see how much she has advance personally during our work together.’ – Stephanie

‘While writing my Masters thesis, Deborah supported me with two coaching sessions. She shifted my mindset from seeing only limiting circumstances I couldn´t change, into perceiving my own strengths, and seeing the positivity in the situation. This was the missing piece of the puzzle for me to finish my thesis happily. I passed – with distinction.’ Lea