Ten ways to know you might love to be a coach


You are a great listener. You make time for people and love to hear their story. If you are at a party and meet new people you spend more time listening than talking.

You have a knack of getting to know what matters to people pretty quickly. This does not mean that you judge them based on their appearance, but instead that your intuition is sound.

You love to read self-help books and regularly head to the ‘mind, body and spirit’ section on Amazon or the ‘self-help’ section of the book-store.

You love to ask questions to get to the heart of things. You don’t just see things based on their surface value.

You value being able to do your own thing and setting your own schedule.

You believe in learning and growing. You don’t think that there is any need to be stuck in a situation that is not working.

You have yourself gone through some kind of change or metamorphosis. You have  learnt lessons along the way that would make a big difference to those that are where you once were.

You realise the importance of self-care and have figured out practices that work for you.

You realise that there is more to life than the everyday and you are exploring exactly what that means for you.

You get a real kick out of helping people and seeing them grow into their right life.

The first step to becoming a coach is opening up the possibility that you can become a coach. For me that took a long time. I knew in my heart coaching was for me but I thought I had to keep the sensible job that I had as a prep school teacher. I wasn’t willing to invest in myself then and take coach training even though I had income coming in that would have made coach training possible then if I had really gone for it.

Don’t think that having a sensible job means you can’t become a coach. What if you could use the income from your sensible job to get the very best coach training?

I’d love to hear from you. What are the sure signs you think point to coaching being the perfect work for someone? Let me know in the comments below.