Carrie Contey

Carrie Contey, PhD.
Founder of Evolve - A year-long program for conscious parents
Carrie Contey







Deborah! Watching you grow as a person, woman, wife, mother and coach these past three years has been awe-inspiring. You’ve stepped into a way of being with yourself — confident, trusting, loving, joyful, steady, true — and from there things have shifted. You are loving your partnership! Loving your little one! Loving your whole life! And, from my perspective, that has given you the courage and strength to step out into the world as a coach. Your own journey — from fear to love — has given you the only thing that teaches, real life experience. I know that anyone who has the privilege of working with you is exceptionally fortunate to have a supportive guide who understands what it means to transform and evolve. Because you have. Massively and beautifully.

I love you!