The Imperfect Coach

A photo by Julia Caesar.

Here’s the truth…
I am a coach, but that doesn’t mean I’m perfect.
I struggle.
I mess up.
I get things wrong.
I forget things.
I spill things.
I worry.
I doubt.
I get grumpy sometimes.
I limit myself.
I trip up.
I procrastinate.
I play small.
I stay up late sometimes when I know I shouldn’t.
I check I put the cooker off and sometimes more than once.
I love to coach.
I know how to coach from the depths of my soul.
I am able to help my clients though my coaching.
I learn from my mistakes and have grown so much through coaching.
I have been devouring learning about coaching since age thirteen.
I trust my coaching.
I trust my clients to find their own best answers and can help them in that search.
I trust I can rock this coaching gig / spiritual path.
I trust the clients I work with to be amazing humans doing beautiful things with their lives….
and they do.