The Law of Attraction

Woman with black hat looks to a wood symbolising law of attraction visualising

For a long time on this blog I didn’t talk about The Law of Attraction and how I use it in my life. I thought that if I was too ‘woo’ then I would be judged for it.

Well it turns out that building a coaching business means that some people will judge you for the work that you do. If they have not seen the value of it themselves then they argue against the value of it.

The thing is though that whatever you do, even if it comes from a good, kind, clean place, someone or other isn’t going to approve of it. The thing to remember is that if they don’t, all it means is they are not your people as far as your work goes.

So anyway, The Law of Attraction, is something I’ve been learning about since I was a teenager. I was gifted an audio set (on cassette) by the coach Brian Tracy and also one by Scottish coach Jack Black. Both leaned heavily on Law of Attraction teachings. In Jack Black’s audios he has you imagine going to the house on the right bank where you see your future play out before you on a large cinema screen.

I stopped using the law of attraction for a while when I became discouraged that the things on my vision board were not turning up quickly enough for me.

Then through building my business I have learnt that I can only go as far with this as I believe is possible for me so using the law of attraction is a key part of building a coaching business and attracting the right clients for me.

It’s funny that one of the tag lines I’ve used on this site is ‘Dwell in your Possibilities,’ and that is exactly what the law of attraction teachings I’ve been studying encourage me to do – to be the person I want to be in the future now and live from that place.

I am now a keen participant of Jeannette Maw’s Good Vibe University which is an online gathering for conscious creators and I’ve been enjoying integrating the law of attraction back into my life.

Here’s what I’ve been playing with:

Pray Rain Journalling – Writing about my wished for future in the present tense as though it is already my reality. This is a tool that Jeannette has written a book about and that she teaches about in Good Vibe University (or G.V.U. for short). I do this each day and keep a special journal for it.

Acting as if – Coming from being where I want to be in my life. This doesn’t mean I need to spend like a millionnaire to be one. Instead I can be in the moment the kind of millionnaire who is a very savvy spender and makes shrewd and clever choices about spending and not spending.

Martha Beck has written about this as doing things and meeting people with the attitude that ‘I am a sock rocker.’ She suggests going to a cafe with a neutral vibe and then comparing this to a cafe visit with an ‘I am a sock rocker’ vibe and to notice how your two cafe visits differ.

Reasons why – Writing down the various reasons why what I want is possible for me and revisiting my reasons why. I like to write new reasons why each day, while some people like to review the same reasons each day.

Gratitude – Writing down gratitudes each day or posting them on the G.V.U. forums. Many manifesting books say that writing gratitudes or thinking them is an absolutely key manifesting tool. The gratitudes don’t need to be impressive sounding to be meaningful.

Affirmations – For years I thought that affirmations didn’t work for me. I think that is because I didn’t stick to just one meaningful one. I think also that the feeling that you feel when you say the affirmation has to match up with the feeling you would feel when you get what you want.

The affirmation I have been using is also one that Jeannette used when building her practice. It’s ‘I am a brilliant coach in high demand.’ I add in ‘with wonderful clients that I love to work with,’ as it’s really important to me that I love working with the people that I coach with.

Getting clear on who I want to serve – This comes from the book ‘Attracting Perfect Customers’ by Stacy Hall and Jan Brogniez. I write about all the aspects of who my perfect client is, what she wants from me, what I want to give her and where the gaps are in what I am doing at the moment.

The book takes you through the whole process of doing this to create a ‘Strategic Action Plan,’ which you can them review each day. The name for this ‘strategic action plan’ makes the work sound more corporate than it is. It is a deeply thoughtful and useful exercise to take yourself through.  The same process would help if you were manifesting the perfect for you partner or the perfect for you home.

Visualising – These don’t need to be long period of visualising, just a tapping into what the wished for future will look like, feel like and sound like.

Following intuition – Asking myself what is my intuition telling me to do now? What are the hot-tracks to my right life?

Letting go – Manifesting can be a practice and then you move on with your life in the same way that I do a ballet class and then end the practice and move on with life. The letting go gives space for what is manifested to come in.

Self-care – Using Habitica app to log each day when I’m getting to bed on time. I think that more sleep is key to manifesting as a tired person will find it really hard to act from inspiration that the law of attraction requires to help it along.

Calling on my angels for help – I’m slowly learning more about this. I have a pile of books from the library about it, but at the moment I am getting sidetracked reading Robin Steve’s ‘Murder Most Unladylike,’ due to my growing passion for writing fiction for 9-11 year olds.

What I also love is that this focus on Law of Attraction helps me to enjoy my everyday more even before the things I am manifesting have turned up and it helps me to get more in tune with what I want in my life.

Using the law of attraction isn’t a short term project. It’s a way of living creatively and hopefully throughout your life. I hope that me telling you some of the ways I’ve been playing with this will encourage you to consider how you can live more creatively and hopefully and also whether the law of attraction is something that you want to bring more of into your life.

If you are interested in doing some Law of Attraction coaching with me and would like to talk about it please email me at and we can have a short call to find out if we are a good match for coaching.

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