The Path Isn’t Straight and Musings on Frizzy Hair

The Path Isn't Straight.-2

The Path Isn’t Straight

I know you wish it was. I do too. It would be so much easier. It would take up much less time. You’d get to where you wanted so easily.

I used to try to make the path to my right life straight. I really wish there were some sort of life straightening straighteners. G.H.D.s for life.

If you use hair straighteners too much your hair gets frazzled. As a wavy haired person I know this. (thank you Jennifer Aniston, you paved the way for hair perfection in ‘Friends’)

If you resist the wavy path life brings by trying to control all the time, you get frazzled.

So back to hair…

To stop the frizz some hair gunk or hair gloop is required.

What can make life feel straighter, even though it’s really frizzy and frazzled?

The path won’t ever be straight but there are ways to make things easier on yourself.

Life gunk or gloop examples:


Getting enough sleep

Letting go of gripping on to the handlebars of life as though it’s your first time on a bike without stabilisers. (Hey I’m mixing metaphors, excuse me. I’m clearly having a metaphor day.)

Allowing life’s path to be more wavy.


Not believing the crappy thoughts you have about yourself.

Not feeling solely responsible for the happiness of all the people you care about.

Enjoying the detour.

So I’d love to hear from you. Where is your life path wavy or frizzy and what life gloop are you applying to banish the frizz and frazzle?