The Truth About Having Your Own Business












1. You’ll work longer hours than you did in your job, unless you make the choice not to.

2. You’ll compare yourself to people who seem to have been overnight successes, and then you realise that their success was not overnight after all.

3. You’ll wonder if your right clients will ever find you or if all you send out is just a raindrop in the internet ocean.

4. Some of the pitches you make will be rejected and you’ll need to do your best to make it not to mean anything about you.

5. You’ll think if only I began sooner and then I’d be further down the line. The truth is that you are where you are and that’s absolutely fine for now. There is no ahead.

6. The webinars will promise you the moon and for a split second and sometimes longer you’ll believe that they have the answer, when really the answers are all in you.

7. Your work will sometimes take you in unexpected directions and these can be a good thing.

8. The work of building a business will bring up all your old treacly money stuff.

9. You’ll be challenged to show up in your belief in yourself in the dark night of the soul when you’re crying because it’s not working (or doesn’t seem to be in the moment).

10. After storms of self-doubt, the light will peek from behind the clouds and you’ll remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and begin again.

11. You’ll learn that even though building a business can be focused on the money, it’s by not focusing on the money that you’ll make money.

12. You’ll need to redefine what selling is for yourself, so you can feel good doing it.

13. You’ll have a new-found respect for business owners in your community and online who have the courage to show up and do the work.

14. You’ll make friends going through the same journey, who you’ll come to call your soul sisters.

15. Your clients will give you faith in the good intentions of others and the determination and will to succeed inherent in humans. They’ll also reflect to you weaknesses that you see in yourself and in helping them to heal, you’ll help to heal yourself.

16. [Tweet “Hitting publish becomes easier the more you do it (and when you put it on your calendar as an appointment you need to make.)”]

17. You’ll treat your relationship with your business with deep despair and sometimes deep love and both of these are just about your attitude.

18. Your great work is waiting for you and you find it by working consistently in small and sometimes unimpressive steps, with sometime flashes of glowworm brilliance lighting up the embers of a summer evening.

19. [Tweet “It’s only over if you give up.”]

20. There’s always more to learn, but if you let it that can be part of the fun.

21. Sometimes you try something and it doesn’t resonate even though there is a need for it in the world. I think that there is a need for mothers to get help with self-care, but the truth is that a lot of mothers don’t seem to be able to prioritize that help as they are so busy caring for those they love.

For this reason there is going to be a shift in emphasis and direction on the blog and in my work. I am going to be focusing more of helping women be courageous as they follow their dreams to make their lives extraordinary.

In particular I would love to help creative entrepreneurs and coaches in courageously doing their work and then sharing it confidently with the world. I can also help with writing and submitting writing courageously and confidently.

You have one beautiful extraordinary life and I’d love to help you to do the things you’re really here to do.

You’ll see the blog changing over the next few months and the main pages on the site, but in line with a feminine way of creating this is going to be more of an organic process rather than a rush to the finish line.

Care to join me in creating a life of ordinary that’s enjoyed and extraordinary that is created by you and gifted to you? email me at if you’d like my help on your magnificent journey. (the views are incredible)