Time to Connect

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You’re rushing from one commitment to the next at work or working long hours in your business and the coffee you crave to help you get through will only mean you staring at the alarm clock through the night.

You promise yourself that next time you’ll say no when you need to, that you’ll make time for some special time with your child, and then you end up saying yes to work or business demands. You feel guilty for letting your child down, again. 

You buy your child a gift to compensate and try to tell yourself that it’s no big deal, that this is just a tight deadline for this particular project. But in your heart of hearts, you know it’s not just this one big project. There’s always another deadline just around the corner.

You start to resent work and that affects your attitude to it. You stare out of the window wondering how your child is doing and if things can ever get any better, then you feel guilty for not focusing on your work for a brief moment.

Your relationship with your child really matters to you so much more than the spreadsheet on your screen, and yet the cursor on the blank page keeps blinking at you.

You’re so tired after work that you’re more cranky than connected with your child. 

Life just seems like an endless to-do list on top of a laundry pile and a series of permission slips and event notices for school. 

When you’re with your child it sometimes feels like a combination of being a taxi cab driver and an events manager. It’s not the dream of parenthood you imagined when you held that little baby that smelled so sweet way back when.

You put yourself last because you feel guilty for working so much. The magazine you bought never gets read and the bath salts and expensive candles are gathering dust.

Being a mum, mom or primary caregiver for your child feels like being on a rollercoaster and an exercise in frustration. 

You wish it didn’t have to be this tough.

What if making time to connect with your child didn’t have to be so hard?

What if you were more able to say no at work or set boundaries in your business when you needed to? What if you were able to relax more and enjoy time with your child? 

What if you didn’t feel so guilty about looking after yourself and that meant that when your child faced challenges you could stay calm as you helped them? 

What if you stopped feeling guilty about getting the help you needed and got the help? 

How would it feel to be able to enjoy the things you needed to do more, rather than just feeling you were going through the motions?

What if you were more able to prioritize what really mattered to you in your life? What if you were able to be kinder to yourself and show your child how to respect and treat themselves well too?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your to-do list is longer than is reasonable for one person.
  • Guilt is ever-present.
  • You feel pulled in too many different directions.
  • You have super high standards and never feel that you measure up.
  • You yearn for deep connection with your child, who you love so very much, but feel lost in all the day to day STUFF.

I’m a life coach for busy mums, moms or primary caregivers of children who want to help their child reach their potential, but feel like they’re failing. 

Juggling life, family and work leaves them no time to connect with their child the way they want to.

I help them take charge of their schedule and create me-time and time with their child, so that both they and their child can thrive.

As a result of this program, you’ll…

  • Have a step-by-step process for cutting down your to-do list so you can free up time to be with your child.
  • Identify your key mum/mom guilt trigger and know what to do when it comes up so that you can stay calm and present rather than getting worked up.
  • Create a super simple self-care plan to start integrating into your busy life so that you are more able to be present and calm when you connect with your child.

This package includes:

‘Well hello there!’ – the getting to know you questionnaire that sets the scene and gives us a head start to make the most of our coaching time together. Grab a cup of your favorite warm drink, cosy up and get started…

90-minute ‘Time to Connect’ coaching session.

In our 90-minute coaching session, I’ll give you a 3-step strategy to help you carve out more time to connect with your child.

I’ll help you begin to spot the thoughts that might be stopping you from connecting you with your child and give you simple coaching tools and techniques to use when they come up. These will be uniquely tailored for you and your situation.

Finally, we’ll make a super simple self-care plan so that you can come to your parenting with more energy, optimism, and patience. 

At the end of our session, you’ll feel that you have useful insights that will help lay the foundation to have more time to connect with your child and care for yourself more too.

Calls take place on ZOOM or by phone conference. Times are available during UK business hours, 9am to 5pm.

‘Bookie monster like bookies!’ personalized email recommendation – After our call together I’ll email you with a shortlist of any books or extra resources I think will help you in your own particular situation. You’ll be able to continue to learn of new outlooks and strategies beyond those we covered in our call.

‘Hot Chocolate check-in’ – Two weeks later, we’ll check in on a 30-minute call to see how you’re doing, any issues that you’ve faced and you can report on any positive change or successes you’ve noticed. (please bring your hot-chocolate or other favorite warm drink)

You’ll leave the sessions together feeling that it’s much more possible to have some time to connect with your child.  I can help you to ease the feelings of guilt and self-pressure that are making life so difficult at the moment.

Investment: £99

Let’s Get Started

Are you interested in working with me? Excellent! Here’s how to get started. 

Before signing up, please make sure that UK business hours of 9am to 5pm will work in your time-zone. Then if it does, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Book your session HERE. You’ll be asked to read and agree to the terms and conditions if you are happy with them, fill in a pre-coaching questionnaire and pay via PayPal.

Schedule Appointment

Step 2. I’ll email you a simple contract via HelloSign. Please sign the contract electronically if you are happy to proceed.

Step 3 Then at the scheduled time, we’ll hold your 90-minute session and get you started on finding more time to connect.

Step 4 About two weeks later, we’ll hold our 30-minute follow on coaching session.

Please note, only one of these coaching packages per client and a limited number of them are available each month. Time to Connect is for new clients only.

Have questions? Email me. My email is deborah@deborahchalk.com


‘As a mother, Deborah really knew where I was at. She was SO gentle and totally got my sensitivity and could handle it, which I really appreciated. There were so many results and realizations that it is difficult to capture them all. 

I realized that I don’t have to sell myself short I can make my dreams for work and life manifest, but I need to ensure self-care and really hone my intuition and listen to my gut instincts, so I don’t get overwhelmed with life. I’ve also gained more confidence in my writing and published articles. I loved having Deborah to confide in and found the email coaching in between sessions hugely supportive.

I would recommend coaching with Deborah to other mums like me that are struggling to work out what to do post baby, to budding writers, to coaches, to sensitive people. Deborah was there for me when I needed her, through the yucky times and in the good. She was so dependable.’

I’m now excited about the growth of my Earth Mama business and looking forward to working with my new clients.

Elizabeth Santos

Elizabeth Santos is a physiotherapist and naturopath with a gentle and holistic approach and a special interest in women’s and children’s health.

‘Working with Deborah gave me a greater sense of calm and peace and trust/faith that things are working out exactly as they should. I appreciated her calm, gentle energy, her intuitive hunches and the creative playwork she assigned. She was willing to let me go all over the place, exploring this and that nook or cranny and then also always pulling me back to the central issue…intuitively knowing what was most important to look at. I appreciate the encouragement that I DO have access to my intuition and inner wisdom…the reminder that I discount it too quickly.’

Julia Yanker, Transformational Coach

‘When I first signed up for coaching I thought it would be more of a step by step solution, rather than the amazing guidance that it was. I gained more clarity, direction and a sense of calmness. Deborah was able to guide me to go deep and explore what was the true reason behind the overwhelm. I would recommend working with her to anyone that is feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lost or confused. She has some great tools for self-exploration and I absolutely love her approach, her energy, and her coaching method. She has tools to go deep and to the core, and that is the key to true and deep transformation.’

Gabby-G, Emotional Healer

‘Working with Deborah has been such a powerful and positive experience for me. Before I approached Deborah, I wasn’t sure whether life coaching was right for me, in fact, I wasn’t sure what I wanted or needed! But my first hour working with Deborah was a revelation!

Her gentle and uplifting demeanor and an ability to ask just the right questions in the right way allowed me to explore my priorities and options in a way that just wouldn’t have been possible alone or with the friends and family I usually “mull things over” with. I really valued the way Deborah can root out and reflect back exactly what I am thinking and feeling in a way that helped me find clarity and a sense of positive momentum towards my goals.

I would definitely recommend working with Deborah to anyone who is experiencing change in their personal or professional life, or anyone who is simply pondering, “What is my next step from here?’

Rachel Dudley.

‘Coaching with Deborah has changed my life in a very significant, positive way. I’ve been challenged to think about things differently, in a much better than the way I would naturally revert to thinking. My mind has expanded. My belief in myself feels even more secure. I have taken away many life lessons even from the very first coaching session.

I would recommend working with Deborah to mums who want to run their own businesses from home (or similar) because this would be perfect for these types of visionary, entrepreneurial women. Deborah challenges you to think about problems or internal battles very differently but in such a way that it is YOU discovering the changes and solutions for YOURSELF. She guides people to be their own best friend again and to make changes that they can take away from the call and apply to real-life scenarios (without Deborah around to talk through the steps).’

Roxanne Ford Website: www.babymamas.com.au

I would recommend Deborah to anyone looking for a life coach.

She is empathetic, encouraging and fun to work with.

She has lots of tools and resources and can tune into what you need at any given time.

Before working with Deborah I was nervous about summer vacation. How would fun, family and starting up my business all fit in without anything being sacrificed?

Deborah guided me to find the answers I had inside all the time. And this summer has been everything I wanted – productive, fun and connected!

 Amy Neuhedel www.amyneuhedel.com

‘I am now more mindful about very specific things. My body, and my feelings about it, my relationships with my children. What I have found is that, through coaching, I talk about something very specific and discover strategies to help with that issue.  I LOVED the strategies! I loved the way that you would listen to me and uncover the roots of what was really bothering me.’

Stephanie Noll

‘I would recommend coaching sessions with Deborah! She is such a good listener. She hears the actual words and what I am saying between the words. She accurately and compassionately reflects what I share and shares her own experience along with down the earth, gentle and helpful methods of working with my challenges.’

Since I began coaching with Deborah I can spot my problems and challenges and move through them in a way that is gentle to me and also more successful. I am spending more time on the things in my life that I value and less on the things that aren’t important and don’t serve me. I am exercising regularly which gives me a huge boost, and spreading self-care throughout the day so that I can keep myself fuelled all day long.

The best part of the coaching sessions for me has been the way Deborah helps me see the problems and challenges for what they are: a collection of thoughts about circumstances. The thoughts get in the way of doing something helpful about a problem, so dealing with the thoughts is my first step these days. Deborah has shared a wide range of tools to help me navigate difficult situations, and the practice has helped me to use them in all areas of my life.’

 Leslie Watts

‘Deborah is a natural coach and amazingly resourceful – she always knows just the thing that will help you with your issue.

She is truthful and open and gets to the core of the issue. With Deborah there is nowhere to hide, which is perfect because she is on your side, she is genuinely supportive of you to reach your true potential, and she knows how to guide you there.’

 Ozlem, Women’s Empowerment Advocate

‘Deborah holds a calm and kind space for her clients. She shows up with deep skills and sensitivity. You can trust her completely to guide you as you change your life.’

 Susan Grace Beekman, Certified Master Coach, MBI, BKI.

‘Deborah! Watching you grow as a person, woman, wife, mother, and coach these past three years has been awe-inspiring. You’ve stepped into a way of being with yourself — confident, trusting, loving, joyful, steady, true — and from there, things have shifted. You are loving your partnership! Loving your little one! Loving your whole life! And, from my perspective, that has given you the courage and strength to step out into the world as a coach. Your own journey — from fear to love — has given you the only thing that teaches, real- life experience. I know that anyone who has the privilege of working with you is exceptionally fortunate to have a supportive guide who understands what it means to transform and evolve. Because you have. Massively and beautifully.

I love you!’

Carrie Contey, PhD., Founder of Evolve – A year-long program for conscious parents