Voice, creativity and comfort

At the moment, while we are still in lockdown, I’m a member of Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Chorus.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska / Kaboompics

I’ve also been learning from Mind Body Coach, Abigail Steidley that there are certain actions that can make the body feel safer in times of stress or anxiety.

When you are able to feel less anxious it opens the door to your creativity.

Here are the actions that use the vocal apparatus and bring more calm, comfort and creativity:

SingingThe Great British Home Chorus YouTube channel . Here’s an interview of Gareth from Good Housekeeping magazine which explains more about the benefits. It also has links to a variety of different choirs.

One not mentioned on this list of online choirs is the Stay at Home Choir. I went to one of their sessions with The Swingles last weekend and it was great fun.

Swallowing – having a sip of water or my favourite peppermint and liquorice tea helps the body as the body knows that if it was in danger it would not be taking the time to have a drink.

Laughing – Rather than tune into another self-improving book could you lean into discovering what you find funny? What people find funny is so individual, much the same way that different perfumes suit different people. Can you find your funny or even just a cosy comfort listen? This is one of my cosy comfort listens.

Yawning – another way to use the voice to comfort the nervous system. I work with a singing teacher who encourages me to do yawning exercises to open up the soft palate. Gareth also uses these in warm ups at the start of Great British chorus sessions.

Notice – notice how you’re using your voice. Are you using a harsh or a soft tone? Notice the emotion in your voice. Notice if your voice is tired. What is your voice and your tone telling you that you need right now?

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