Welcome to new readers

I would just like to say a huge welcome to new readers popping over from ‘Tiny Buddha’. For regular readers you can find the Tiny Buddha piece here.

Catch up on my about page to find out more about me and delve into the archives. If you would like to I would love for you to sign up for the newsletter so that I can send new writing to you, new meditations and new offers of coaching and programmes as I create them.

If you are a woman interested in coaching with me email me at deborahchalkcoach@gmail.com for a 30 minute introductory session to find out if we are a good coaching fit.

You can also read my testimonials on this website.

I chose my Martha Beck coach training as it was the most fun, but it also turns out that the tools I learnt are amazing and I’d love to use them to help you on the path to a life that is fully aglow, a life led by your heart.

To regular readers I would like to say masses of thanks to you for being one of the first, one of the trail blazers. It means a lot to me that you turn up here.

It’s going to be an incredible year ahead and I’d love you to join me for it.

With gratitude,