What would you be doing if it didn’t need to be difficult?

Have you tried building a coaching practice from a place of ‘hustle’? (my spell check just suggested I substitute ‘hustle’ for ‘hassle’.  It has a point)

Have you worked weekends and late at night and watched all the webinars right to the end, when you started to believe that this one course and payment plan was the answer to achieving all your dreams?

I’ve been learning from a Martha Beck Master coach called Sarah Papp about what to do ‘when working hard is hardly working.’

I’ve been learning from Jeannette Maw more about Law of Attraction.

I’ve been learning from Jess Lively of ‘The Lively Show.’

And I’m experimenting with what happens when you prioritize coming from a state of ease and joy before then ‘working’ on your business.

What happens when you come from a state of ease and allow your intuition to whisper to you?

Do you allow yourself to have more fun?

I know I do.

Have you forgotten what fun looks like for you?

I let it be an experiment.

What happens when I allow myself to be more relaxed?

What happens when I allow myself to do the things that call me?

So I play ‘In the Mood’ on piano or a watch some of ‘The Crown,’ or I walk in nature with my dog and I trust that the impact will be seen in ways that I can’t yet imagine.

Then I notice as wonderful opportunities arise.

My question for you today is ‘what would you be doing if it didn’t have to be difficult?’