What would you do if…

There was no Facebook?

You knew without a doubt that you would succeed, that it would all work out right in the end?

All the emails in your inbox were spam?

You didn’t have to go and do the school run in half an hour?

You were motivated?

You had enough sleep?

You were not afraid of failing?

Other people wouldn’t judge you?

There was enough time to finish?

You let yourself have fun?

You only got one life and this was it?

You were writing your own history as you lived day by day?

Things you said could never be unsaid?

You finally owned how special and fabulous you were?

There were no fashion police?

Your home cleaned itself…even just for a while?

You knew exactly what to do and you were right?

Caring for yourself was important?

Sleep counted as business development?

You didn’t need another course or programme to guide you?

You felt complete and perfect just as you are?

Just be.