When your blog post is late…

When your blog post is late what do you do? Tell yourself off or hope people won’t notice?

Ooops, today my post is late. Sorry. I hope that you’ll forgive me. I know I usually post on a Friday and then write linky dinks for Saturday.

This week that didn’t happen.

This weekend I went with my family to Wales for my sister-in-law’s wedding. We travelled from Hamburg to the Gower in Wales. We flew to Luton, stayed over with a friend in Buckinghamshire and then drove the next day to Wales with tiny hand luggage suitcases crammed full, a pink Trunki to ride on through departures (do they make ones for grown-ups?) and a hired Peugeot.

The wedding was on Saturday and then we did the return trip on Sunday.

Friday was usual blog post writing time. Instead I was getting the house ready for the dog- sitter who was looking after our flat coated retriever, stocking up for the fridge and writing instructions for our crazily hard to turn on TV set-up. (If you want any children to watch less TV, the way our TV is set up will stop then ever turning the thing on until they are at least 12.)

As a life coach you get things wrong, sometimes things all go pear shaped, just the way they do for anyone. One of the differences I’ve found though is what you make those times mean. Writing a post late could mean all sorts of things, my blog audience are going to desert me, it will affect my business, I’m meant to be perfect as a coach…

Hmm, or I could just let it mean that it’s true that it is a bit late and people know that life happens and that even though sometimes when we read things on a computer it makes everything seem like clock-work, sometimes life just does not run like clockwork.

Sometimes there are weddings to go to and hair to curl and little flower girl shoes to try on and an old Wolseley to watch driving to the church and ‘Jerusalem’ to sing and pink confetti to throw and photos to be posed for and wedding tears to be wiped away, speeches to be made by a lifelong friend and cake to be cut and flip-flops to change into on the dance floor when high heels become too much.

Wow it was lovely. Thanks for understanding.

Share below what lovely things you wouldn’t miss for the sake of a blog post.