Who to listen to?

Martha Beck, Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, Michael Neil, Kate Northrup, Kris Carr, Lissa Rankin, Amy Porterfield, Caroline Frenette, Eckhart Tolle, Susan Hyatt… you are all amazing.

I’m wondering…

If I read all the things in my inbox, will I be a better person?

If I listen to all the web-jams will the world be free to me, when you make that one offer I cannot refuse?

If I pay extra to keep the summit, will it enlighten me?

Is this extra course the one that makes all the difference for all eternity?

If I sign up on an opt-in, will I read every email… really?

If I download the call, will it enamour me?

If I read another book, will it change me fundamentally?

If I pinterest a life does that supersede reality?

If I twitter do I no longer tune in to a real bird’s call?

If I spotify a playlist where does that define me?

Are my facebook likes a sign of popularity?

Instagramatic punctuation of a blue sky, popcorn, cherry blossom day… are you now lost to me?

All voices chiming in, saying how I should be.

What if I just stopped?

Switched off.

Tuned out.

Logged off.

Listened to me?