I coach and mentor coaches and creative entrepreneurs to help them create create content and copy that resonates deeply with their ideal client and that is authentic to their work, their values and their message.

I have experience of copywriting and content creation for top coaches, coaching schools, funnel creators and creative entrepreneurs and I bring that experience to my coaching and mentoring work.

I also have experience of working as a Copy Coach Assistant for Jenny Shih’s online program ‘Making it Work Online’ (2020)

‘Working with Deb Chalk has been nothing short of amazing and has changed how I see myself and my business.

Deb is a offers a beautiful blend of coaching & art. She coaches the brain so you raise your confidence and competence around your skill of writing. AND teaches you the art and skill of copywriting. The final product is a highly competent, confident writer whose work resonates with the intended audience and gets results.’

Lisa Tammen Smith, The Peaceful Parent, Parenting Coach.

We can work together on a piece or project to move your own copywriting skills and confidence forward.

We can work on a project by project basis or in a copy partnership, where I gain a deep understanding of your work and we work together over time.

Why choose me?

  • I have lots of experience in writing copy and creating content for top coaches and a funnel creator.
  • I am very reliable and communicate well.
  • I am a certified coach and so I really understand what it is to be a coach and the difference that coaching makes in people’s lives.
  • I’m also a fully qualified and experienced teacher, so I communicate ideas clearly.
  • I have a Masters degree with honors in English.
  • I have a B.A. (Hons) degree in Creative writing.
  • I’ve completed numerous business trainings including Marie Forleo’s ‘B-School’ and Jenny Shih’s ‘Making it Work Online’ so I also bring business smarts to creating your copy.
  • I’ve written for many big name websites including ‘Huff Post,’ ‘Mind Body Green,’ and ‘Tiny Buddha.’
  • I have experience as a copy coach assistant for Jenny Shih’s ‘Making it Work Online’ program.

I help coaches and creative entrepreneurs to grow as copywriters and content creators.

Some examples of things I can help you to create:

blog posts

web copy

sales copy

a series of sales emails

course structure

podcast plan

podcast script

course content

webinar structure/content

guest posting

editorial calendar

email subject line teasers

podcast copy for itunes

video series structure


ghost writing

email me at to tell me what you need help with. 

Testimonials on the copywriting and content creation experience I draw on when coaching my clients to write for their own business:

‘Deb has been amazing to work with! I hired her for a wide variety of projects in different industries, and she nailed each one. She was open to any and all feedback and very quick on all revision requests.

She was timely, responsive and flexible to my client’s needs, and just an overall pleasure to work with. I would definitely hire her again and strongly recommend her.’

Rick Valentine of

 “Deborah did a great job with our writing project. I experienced her as professional, responsive and creative.”

Dr. Mark Atkinson. Founder of the Human Potential Institute.

“After multiple failed attempts at finding a copywriter who ‘got it’, I was over the moon thrilled to work with Deborah. She has an innate knack for this type of work. She takes the time to understand the target client, uses her creativity to communicate with them right on their wavelength, and she is consistently on time with her work. Additionally, Deborah is also a lifelong learner, and I know that she brings her curiosity to the world of marketing to get new insights and hone her skills. We are ahead of the ball and more effective with our marketing because of her support.” -Alison Cardy, Cardy Career Coaching

‘One of the most valuable ways I benefited from working with Deborah was by her guiding me through the creation of the outline/structure for an online course that packages my wisdom into a valuable product – something that I had struggled with for over a year!

As a designer & energy healer for homes and spaces, I’m a wayfinder and coach in disguise. Her picking up limiting beliefs in a glimpse while workshopping made me move through what had held me back even for so long – in a gentle and easy way.

She not only brings brilliant coaching skills to the table (actually, the Skype headset in my case) but actually has professional experience in teaching and creating fascinating lessons. Deborah is one of the best coaches I have worked with – ever.’

Eva Gossenreiter

I asked for Deborah´s support on writing an important text for my business. In just 45 minutes, she helped create total clarity for me, we drew up all key points for my message and I even had a metaphor connected to my brand. As a result of these 45 minutes, I know I saved at least 4 hours of work and the quality of what I created was much higher, as well as my confidence in the piece.

Her ability to create excellent copy on the spot, which is true to the individual is simply impressive.

Deborah has a grounding energy. She keeps the “big picture” in mind at all times when I get caught up in the details or distracted by less important aspects. She is also a pleasure to work with, which is important to me.

I also think it will positively influence the next three pieces I have to create because I will remember to keep the same mindset she encouraged me to take for this round.

I would recommend Deborah as a coach without hesitation. She is an excellent coach – who is true to the Martha Beck approach while still employing her own style. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to save time and create higher quality copy that reflects their core messages. She has a great combination of “grounded coach” and “excellent writer” to help you get there.

You will get excellent value if you spend even 30 minutes with Deborah. She works fast and keeps the big picture (your objectives) in mind. If you are not even clear on what those are, she can help you get there.

Get ready to be “wowed”.

Sundae Schneider-Bean
Intercultural Specialist and Coach

‘I’ve been impressed with Deborah for a long while. I loved the copy she wrote for me for a recent launch and it delights me to send her business as a copywriter and writing coach and mentor for my clients.

She’s also a truly amazing life coach, who’s highly skilled in supporting and guiding her clients as they move towards their dreams and right life.

If you really want to see and feel positive juicy change in your life; or to create copy others CRAVE you should get in touch with her.’

Susan Hyatt, Master Certified Life Coach.