Writing coaching – Turning the ship in a new direction

I’m turning this ship in the direction of writing coaching and content and copy creation coaching.

I’ve been doing A LOT of the mind body work that I help my clients with, I’ve been using slacker magic (getting into flow through doing less, watching Jeeves and Wooster and reading ‘The Mitford Trial’) and here I am now in this magical moment of writing to you.

HOP HOP HOP to a new niche.

Coaches get coaching…

I walk my talk or as Martha Beck calls it ‘live it to give it’. I’ve been getting coached as usual. 

I work with Jeannette Maw, the most amazing Law of Attraction coach, Sarah Papp who teaches about Unstoppable Ease and Abigail Morgan through her Mind Body Magic Community.

Through these sessions I’ve been getting warmer and warmer on what I am meant to be doing. I’ve been circling around it for some time, sometimes moving in and then getting scared and moving away again.

Do you ever get scared like that? You go up to the edge and you can see the water is lovely, but you can’t jump in.

You know what your heart is calling you to, but you wonder if you’re quite enough.

Here goes –

Who I help

I’m a coach helping writers with creative writing and also helping coaching and creatives to write and create content for their businesses.

I do this with a magical mixture of Martha Beck tools, Mind Body Magic Coaching, Law of Attraction Practices and with some Angel Healing. I’m also a writer.

If I’d answered that when the school careers officer asked me what I was going to do I think they might have needed to go and sit down with a cup of tea and a hobnob biscuit.

In claiming this I am listening to inner wisdom, which is something I help my clients do too. I am allowing it to be messy and incomplete. My inner critic still says who are you to do that ye who art not a New York Times Bestselling author?

Who am I?

Someone who does deep work with wonderful creative clients and helps them to trust themselves and their creative journey. Someone with a passion for the written word who has worked with writers who have gone on to be published.

Someone who this work matters to.

So if you are interested in trust and being creatively messy around the edges and yet still creating, you’re in the right place.

What’s the thing you know that it right for you that you are circling around because you doubt yourself?

Until next time,


P.S. More info about new 1-1 writing coaching packages is here.

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