You are the best coach for your clients.

You show up.

You care.

You are totally present.

You got the training.

You’re always learning.

You lived your life and keep on living it.

You overcame your struggles.

You have your history.

You have your blind spots and notice when they come up.

You’ve got the questions.

You help them find their own answers.

You feel utterly in the right place doing the right thing when you are coaching… even if this means you still sometimes doubt yourself.

You are not perfect.

Your life isn’t perfect.

You still have your own goals you have not met.

You are alert to where they limit themselves and you help them see beyond that.

You feel in wonder at the magnificence of those you coach. – A.K.A. – they rock.

You listen.

You don’t judge.

You hold the space for them.

You don’t mind working without a plan – because often life doesn’t always have one.

You feel this work is a gift to you and your clients.

You have fun doing this.

You are really glad the coaching profession came to be while you are around to be part of it.

You see how every experience you have had enables you to coach the way you do and see the things you do through your kaleidoscope.

You are you (nobody else is!)

Get out there and do your thing. The world is waiting.

Why are you the best coach for your clients? Answer in the comments below.