Your new business term




Sorry this is a bit late. I have been away in Wolverhampton for some business networking and training and needed to catch up with some family things on the return home, one of which was getting school uniform ready for the coming term.

The new term at school offers the opportunity of a new start for many female business owners, particularly if they have children who have been off school over the holidays. The summer is a juggle of the everyday of family life.

Clients are not around as they head off with beach reads for summer deck-chairs and this changes the summer pace, whether you have children or not.

Your new business term starts this September.

So if September was a month that was going to bring you new opportunity; what opportunity would it bring you?

Using the metaphor of going back to school, consider….

1) What will your uniform be as you focus on work in September? Does staying in your yoga pants really help you to feel like the amazing coach you are? (the answer may be yes and that’s fine too) You may want to add a little more elegance into your day-to-day outfits. Browse some real people fashion blogs for inspiration.

2) How are your school supplies? Nice pens? Shiny folder? Calculator? Check.

3) Have you looked at the calendar for the term? What’s coming up, any special events?

4) Make new friends by looking for local networking events in your area.Start here if you are in the U.K.

5) Welcome the new girl – get to know the new people who come into your life as the school year begins. You may make a new friend / expand your network.

6) Who are your new teachers? Who do you want to learn from as a coach as you go into this new term of your business?

7) What are your textbooks? What business books or self-help books are you going to study and work through in the next few months?

8) Are you over scheduling yourself? Bed-times are earlier during term-times and there are only so many activities that you can fit in. Does what you have planned feel manageable to you? If not, what are you going to cut?

9) Remember to speak up about bullying. Set your own boundaries in your business and stick to them.

10) Consider if there are any qualifications or certifications that you would like to work towards in the coming term. There may be related to your coaching skills / business skills or things that light you up as an individual. The things that light you up as an individual are just as valuable to the development of you as a coach as you bring all of you to your coaching practice.

If you’d like some coaching from me to help you get your new term of coaching off to a fabulous start, please book a discovery call with me here and we can talk about what if would be like to work together and what you would be able to achieve in your coaching practice / your business and your life.

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