You’re still a good mama when you…

When you are down on yourself it can be hard to see, but you are still a good mama when you…

Forget the packed lunch.

Are the one with the child having a massive meltdown, the clinging to your leg or sitting on the ground variety.

Say no to sweets, not right now, even if that means more massive meltdown.

Sometimes say yes to the nag factor, because you are tired and your blood sugar is down.

Don’t buy the piece of brightly coloured plastic.

Don’t know why they are sick and can’t get their temperature down.

Wish they could get well, so life could return back to normal.

Didn’t know what a febrile convulsion was when it happened.

Wish you had more sleep.

Would rather read Vogue than ‘Charlie and Lola’ comic.

Feel a need for some time to yourself, to read, to think, to ponder.

Don’t hand sew the costume, because there just was not time or because you would rather read.

Sometimes think about your life before and compare what you have now, and would just love a lie in like you used to have after late nights of partying.

Wish you didn’t need to puree vegetables in industrial quantities and have the BPA free boxes to hold it all.

Don’t label everything.

Look to see how long the chapter is sometimes.

Don’t lay out the clothes the night before (like all the organisation things say you should), because your whole life you have chosen on the day and don’t see why that needs to change.

Like cooking on your own.

Want a business that lights you up alongside and wrapped around your life with the family you love.

Still take the time to put make-up on in the morning, even though it means less time together.

Wonder what it would be like to go on a date with your husband without checking your phone all the time.

Wish the school run could be a school saunter and still get there in time.

Wonder if you are doing this mama thing wrong, because everyone else just seems to be so together.

Make mistakes and love them through it.

See them make their own mistakes and love them through it.

Relate to this?

Me too.